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Donnerstag, August 07, 2008

A visit to death row

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Now, there are surely a lot of nice things one could say about Taiwan, and other people do that a lot in their blogs and you may even catch me doing it occasionally, but the treatment of dogs is certainly not one of those things.

As the favourite dog of wife and me has disappeared and was most likely killed (see my infamous hate post) by a much larger dog, there is not much sense in hitting the dog shelters, but when we saw this photo on the website of the local Taoyuan shelter...

photo from dog shelter: http://www.tyacad.org/phpbb2/viewtopic.php?t=14787

... we couldn't stay in our seats and drove right to it, because the dog looks so similar. However, being there, it was much smaller and had a total different face. Don't get started about dogs looking all the same, believe me, they do not. Unfortunately, Taiwan dog shelters are death rows, which means the dogs will be killed after seven days if nobody adopts them. That left us worried for the little guy in the photo and for all the other dogs of the Taoyuan dog shelter, they are really in a row, click on the link above to see photos of them (of course you don't see the actual row).

However, people at that place try to make the most of it, not killing the street dogs in the shelter would lead to a very large number of dogs, as Taiwan has ten-thousands according to official numbers. I wouldn't wonder if you could add a zero to that.

The little guy here is popular now, as a new Japanese movie about a hero dog of that race, Shiba Aynu, came to Taiwan a while ago and so there will be a huge demand for these little dogs and, a while later, a huge number of new street dogs, when the cute little Shiba puppies which most people buy (the dog in the photo is an adult of course) are a bit larger and are discovered to have demands like exercise, vet visits and such.

The dog in the shelter was neutered and will not be killed, as the shelter folks believe they can get him adopted. The dog in the movie was abandoned by its owners because of an earthquake and later retrieved, his real life colleagues however are more likely to be abandoned for more trivial reasons.

If you like to adopt a Taiwan street dog, contact me, I can deliver them to Frankfurt Airport in Germany and probably elsewhere with all the paperwork done, all you need to do is fetch them. So far for the sentence to make me feel better, of course nobody ever replies to them.

Never mind, you didn't cause the problem.

Recently my blog is a bit dark, I should never have started with pets in Taiwan, it's a bad country .... [no wait, the sentence continues!] ... to do that.

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