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Freitag, August 15, 2008

Golden Retreiver MeiMei is looking for a home

German below, Deutsch unten!

Part 2 of the series of former Taiwan street dogs, which had been found and brought to the vet by Taiwanese volunteers. They find them on the streets, have them neutered and vaccinated and then try to find a new home for them in Taiwan or abroad. We, that is a circle of volunteers here, wife and me have already shipped out some dogs, but only a few and so we are looking again for families to adopt these former street dogs as below.

So if you are interested please contact me under


and replace "and" by @.

You wouldn't have any work besides picking up the dog from the airport, it would be totally healty, vaccinated and would have all import papers ready. To get it through customs would be done by us, not by you, you would only have to pick up the dog in the public zone of the airport meeting our delivery guy. Of course we would need some info about you in advance.
Cost-free that would be.

The dogs we are having right now are (please see also HERE and HERE):

Name : Mei-Mei
Race : Golden retriever
Gender : female
Age : 2 ~ 3 years old
Weight : 30 kg
Behavior : outgoing, friendly, understands “sit”, “shake-hands”, “lie-down” command (Chinese commands presently, English can be tought)
Health : 8-in-1 vaccine injected, no bugs or parasites.
Castration : Yes (all female and male dogs will be castrated before delivery)
We found her on May 05, 2008 in LinKou industry area on a day with heavy rain. We saved her and also brought her to vet to have her checked. She was found to be without any sickness and to be very vital.
We wish for Mei-Mei to find a home with loving and caring owners, who will treat her like a family member.
If you are looking for a dog as a new family member for a real long-term relationship, then please don’t hesitate to take her home.

Update: Looks like MeiMei may have found a home here in Taiwan. But we have many more dogs. Please contact me at ruediger "at" teichert-online.de if you are interested and replace the "at" by @.

German, DEUTSCH:

Teil der zwei der Serie unserer Straßenhunde, die wir hier in Taiwan in Pflege genommen haben. Die Hündin MeiMei im Bild oben hat allerdings schon einen Interessenten in Taiwan gefunden. Wir haben aber noch viel mehr Hunde in Pflege, die ich hier in diesem Blog in Kürze posten werde, unter anderem sucht dieser Welpe, ein typischer "Taiwan Dog" noch ein Zuhause: LINK!!!.
Die Prozedur ist für Sie ganz einfach, Sie müssen den Hund einfach am Flughafen in Empfang nehmen...
Bei Interesse kontaktieren Sie mich bitte unter


und ersetzen das "at" durch @.

Sie hätten keine Arbeit abgesehen davon, den Hund vom Flughafen abzuholen. Das Tier kommt völlig gesund und durchgeimpft an und würde alle notwendigen Papiere haben. Den Hund durch den Zoll zu bringen wäre in dem Augenblick, wo Sie ihn im öffentlichen Teil des Flughafens von uns entgegennehmen schon längst erledigt. Natürlich müssten Sie uns vorher etwas über sich erzählen, schließlich wollen wir sicher gehen, dass es unsere Hunde gut haben werden.
Kosten würden für Sie NICHT anfallen.

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