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Montag, August 18, 2008

China, Taiwan and the greedy green guy

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Taiwan's new president on a diplomatic journey ... or wait... is he from China?
And meanwhile ex-president Chen stumbles over 2o Million USD on his swiss bank account ... or even more

Taipei/Santo Domingo. Taiwan's new president Ma Ying-Jeou is presently on a state visit in the Dominican Republic. It has to be noted that the Dominican Republic is one of the very few countries having official diplomatic relations with Taiwan (formally called Republic of China). Other countries, including US, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, Australia and practically everybody regard Taiwan as some kind of break-away part from China and preferably have diplomatic relations with the "People's Republic of China" instead of "us" here in Taiwan. Because countries have to choose weather they want diplomatic relations with China or Taiwan, both is not possible, says the big "People's Republic" of China.

Here in little China, or Taiwan, Ma is our new president from the more or less China-friendly Kuomintang party and so having his diplomatic vehicles labeled "Taiwan, China" on his journey in Dominica, which sounds like the official tongue of the People's Republic of China denoting Taiwan as a Chinese province, has caused some attention here in China: LINK

Hell, no, we are not chaotic Thailand, we are TaiWAN, got it?

Because people here often do not like the idea of being denoted as a province of China, as Taiwan is an independent state. Even if this is not accepted by most countries, it remains a fact. So why call ourselves China when we are Taiwan and have our president visit another country?

However, the Taiwan embassy on Dominica explained, people in Dominica would think of Taiwan, when they say "China". That's fine, after all, "Republic of China" is our state name here in Taiwan, but it's really funny how confused or angry some people get, when the name actually is being used. All is well unless they call us "Thailand", as my confused German countrymen are usually doing...

We are not Thailand! A view on the outskirts of Taipei

Meanwhile, the former "green party" president Chen Shui-Bian gets embarrassed, because a Swiss bank had reported 20 Millions US$ had been found belonging to Taiwan's former president on a secret little swiss account and they think the Taiwan government should know that. So instead of having his pictures hanging in offices and embassies, the former president Chen now hat his portrait and those of his family members handed to customs official banning him from travel abroad. Press reports, we may be looking at 70 Million US$ on that one bank and than there are several more. Seems to be private donations for his campaigns mixed with a little tax payer money. Thank goodness we only pay 6% tax here...

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