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Mittwoch, August 20, 2008

Bessy, saved from roadside (Update)

Bessy is one of A-Ba's mates and had been abandoned together with him in a cardboard box on a roadside in Northern Taiwan. Read more about it ... and read more info about stray dogs in Taiwan and their fate HERE (LINK!): A-Ba, abandoned in a box.

Here is Bessy: See her photo below.

Name : Bessy
Race : Mixed
Gender : female
Age : around 11 months
Weight : 13 kg
Behavior : friendly, understands “sit” command
Health : 8-in-1 vaccine injected, no bugs or parasites.
Castration : Yes (all female and male dogs will be castrated before delivery)
You wouldn't have any work besides picking up the dog from the airport, it would be totally healty, vaccinated and would have all import papers ready. To get it through customs would be done by us, not by you, you would only have to pick up the dog in the public zone of the airport meeting our delivery guy. Of course we would need some info about you in advance.
Cost-free that would be.

Please contact me at

if you are interested and replace the "at" by @.

A-Ba, one of Bessy's box mates still searches a home... LINK !!!

And HE, a original "Taiwan Dog" puppy, is still waiting for an owner:
LINK !!!

Bobby, a beautiful Labrador male still looking for a home! LINK !!!

More about abandoned dogs in Taiwan and their fate

UPDATE: Bessy, A-Ba, Tara and Bonita have been adopted by a Swiss dog rescue station and the kind owner is trying to find new homes. And his rescue station is really paradise, I have seen it and in next life I want to be dog there. Honestly!

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