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Mittwoch, August 20, 2008

A-Ba. black dog in box

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There are countless street dogs in Taiwan, in various conditions running around the streets and if they get caught, they will be killed within 7 days. Nowadays the dogs are supposed to be simply put to sleep, they say, whereas some years ago they were drowned horribly and nobody but the guys doing it know, what really happens there. Some believe, they may rather sell the meds than to use them for putting the dogs to sleep. And sometimes, dogs get eaten, they have special dog farms for that...(Link)

My wife, other kind Taiwanese and me are taking care of street dogs, just a drop on a hot stone, as a German saying goes, but it's hard just to look the other way.

Catching a street dog in Taiwan, 7 days are all that's left for him...
Photo kindly supplied by Boogier Chen, see LINK

The dogs A-Ba, Bessy, Bonita and Tara were discovered like this:
Jan. 11th, 2008 10 puppies were found abandoned in Jhongli by the roadside. Two of them were sleeping on the road, three in the bushes, the rest playing on the road. Since there were cars coming and it was very dangerous for them, we took them to a temporary home for the time being. Unfortunately, we lost five of them due to the viral disease “Canine Distemper”. The other 5 survived and were completely cured.
They all got injected with all necessary vaccines and are in good health after being thoroughly examined by the vet. One was adopted, so the remaining are Bonita, Tara, Bessy and A-Ba.
Please note: these dogs are immune against the disease Canine Distemper from now on. They will NOT pass this disease to other dogs. However, if you adopt one of these four dogs and already have another dog, it is better to have your other dog vaccinated with the 8-in-1 vaccination annually, which is advisable anyway.
We wish to find a home with loving and caring owners for them, who will treat them like a family member.
If you are looking for a dog as a new family member for a real long-term relationship, then please don’t hesitate to take him / her home.

Name : A-Ba
Race : Mixed
Gender : male
Age : around 11 months
Weight : 12 kg
Behavior : quiet, friendly
Health : 8-in-1 vaccine injected, no bugs or parasites.
Castration : Yes (all female and male dogs will be castrated before delivery)

You wouldn't have any work besides picking up the dog from the airport, it would be totally healty, vaccinated and would have all import papers ready. To get it through customs would be done by us, not by you, you would only have to pick up the dog in the public zone of the airport meeting our delivery guy. Of course we would need some info about you in advance.
Cost-free that would be.

Please contact me at

ruediger "at" teichert-online.de

if you are interested and replace the "at" by @.

And HE, a original "Taiwan Dog" puppy, is still waiting for an owner:
LINK !!!

Bobby, a beautiful Labrador male still looking for a home! LINK !!!

More dogs will be posted by the hour, come to visit again...

More on abandoned dogs in Taiwan and their fate

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