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Montag, Juni 16, 2008

Please fetch your dog / Bitte Ihren Hund abholen

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Wife and I have delivered former street dogs to Germany before, as many as six so far, with the help of animal clubs here in Taiwan.

In this case, we don't have a German dog club helping us to receive the dog at airport in Germany, so we are looking for someone to fetch the dog from the arrival hall from me (or another person bringing it) directly at the airport. This post is also in English (Deutsch unten, German below), as Germany has English speakers as well who might be interested.

If you would pickup the dog at a time discussed with me (my email: info@consul-security.de), everything would be finished already. You would receive (without being involved even the least bit in import procedures) the dog without any cost and with a dog passport in an airplane-proven transport box.

The dog is healthy and has been completely vaccinated. She will come with the approved import papers, but you will not need them anymore as import has already been completed when you receive the dog.

The dog is a Labrador-mix female, 1-2 years old, 26kg, a former street dog in Taiwan, now in temporary hands, with an extremely friendly character towards humans.
There may be problems with other animals, as she is a little bit ill-tempered towards other dogs right now, as she sees them as competition for food. But that should resolve over time, especially dealing with male dogs.

Please contact me at info@consul-security.de if you are interested.

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DEUTSCH, German:

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