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Dienstag, Mai 13, 2008

My first blog post in 2006...

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German below, Deutsch unten!

My first blog post in my old Passado community blog, which I have recently deleted, was as below.
I guess I had some kind of hallucination seeing castles in NeiHu, Taipei in Taiwan, because I thought when you almost close your eyes, the building below will look like a castle.
Well, the area got a little cleaner in the last two years (photo from 2006), but the house still looks the same. A lot of smelly garbage pathways are now cleaned up in this area, so nostrils don't have to work so hard anymore. They had this little take-away diner where they had cabbage all on the floor, mouse-sized bugs crawling between it and the little boy of the owner was peeing on the salad-clad sidewalk in front of it. Even for Taiwan standards, which were very liberal when it comes to public hygiene, that was terrible. And smelly. Now the place is gone and there is an Italian restaurant. Not too good, but clean. Here's the post anyway, not much of text.

original blog entry from March 31st 2006. It's German.

Taiwan, Taipei, NeiHu District

Taiwan heißt offiziell "Republic of China" und niemand weiß so genau, ob er nun Chinese ist oder nicht.

Ansonsten vertreibt man sich die Zeit damit, im Stau zu stehen. Entweder mit Auto oder ohne, denn Bürgersteige gibt es hier nicht. In Taipei ist die Luft nicht atembar und der Durschnittsbewohner der Hauptstadt Taipei ist entweder ein Moped oder ein Strassenhund. Alles andere ist vernachlässigbar.

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