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Mittwoch, April 23, 2008

See how the world laughs at Americans...

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A little remark: This thread in Taiwan's expat forum Forumosa.com
illustrates something which many foreigners in Taiwan don't perceive. We only see friendly and smiling faces, welcoming us in Taiwan, though in reality the smiling Taiwanese might think "what a foreign prick, doesn't speak a word of my language and thinks he's a Mr. Super-Cool". Taiwanese often think, "white" foreigners are somewhat cute, but also less intelligent than locals and somewhat clumsy and helpless. The thread above illustrates these two faces of Taiwan quite nicely, as this is a book here in Taiwan being called:

See how the world laughs at America

in Chinese characters, while the English caption goes

See how interesting Americans are

Quite a difference...
And by the way, all foreigners are regarded as being American here in Taiwan. Notice the stereotype blond fellow on the cover of the book. The author is said to be German-Japanese though...

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