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Mittwoch, April 30, 2008

A genuine Apple

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German below, Deutsch unten !


My wife and I signed up for a credit card recently, another one. Of course I as a longnose only get it, because my wife is my guarantor. You can't trust them furriners, that's what people know here. Yes, some foreigners working for big FOREIGN companies have got some on their name seemingly. Anyway, the card came accompanied by a bicycle (anyway they are often only about 1000 NT here, 25 Euro or so) and ... an MP3 player. It's calling itself MP4 player, because it has a colour screen and is able to play small AMV-format video files. However, MP4 would be the file extender for the MPEG4 video standard and the device is NOT able to play such MP4 files.

It is fun to use though, just as a MP3 player. It's in the photo below...

A genuine apple

Yeah, the genuine apple in the photo was grown in Japan, whereas the device in the picture is made in China by a Taiwanese company. I am not accusing the company, whose name I have erased in the images, of anything. Building such devices in Taiwan and China is perfectly normal and as the local laws apply to me, I will not say, that this device might be .... looking like another one. No it's not, if you think that, then it's only a trick of the light...

The company's name is that of a German sportscar model with to obsolete Umlaut-dots above the "o". Player is in safety pouch on the photo and has 1GB storage.

Menu structure. Still haven't figure out how to get these two damned foreign devils off my screen.

This is an original Apple iPod nano. It looks totally different to me, I can't even see the least friggin' similarity. The wallpaper is better for sure. Photo: amazon.com

I wonder why Taiwanse and Chinese booths on the Cebit computer fair in Germany sometimes get raided by police and why the precious made in China players get confiscated. Them furriners cannot be trusted. QED.

DEUTSCH, German:

Zusammen mit einem Klapprad kam auch dieser MP3-Player gratis zu einer Kreditkarte. Er nennt sich MP4-Spieler, spielt aber keine MP4-Songs, hat den Namen eines deutschen Sportwagenmodells mit einem Ö anstatt einem O und sieht, wenn man das meinen möchte, einem original Apple iPOD Nano vielleicht etwas ähnlich? Ich stelle hier keine Behauptungen auf, möchte schließlich nicht von einer wütenden Taiwanfirma verklagt werden.
Das rote runde Ding im Bild ist jedenfalls ein echter Apfel, gewachsen in Japan. Das silberne Ding ist in China gewachsen und in Taiwan erdacht...


Stefan hat gesagt…

Getting credit cards in another country is usually difficult - I had the same problem when I was living in the US, even though I had a good income as an engineer.

Bob Honest hat gesagt…

Yes, you are right, even a Netherland colleague of mine in my last German company had hassles getting a German Mastercard, but not as much as I. So I was probably a bit unfair to Taiwan :-)