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Samstag, April 05, 2008

Almost said too much...

Just saw my nephew here in Taiwan doing homework endlessly, whole Friday and now Saturday (and Friday was off!). I finally told him: "when I was at school I always copied homework from a girl, she was so clever. Did that every day, she always had the best grade. She became a physicist later. Damned, I should have marr....."
Just could stop myself in the middle of the word. My wife was standing by. Grin.
Damned I guess I would be a physicist today as well, she would open the wormholes and I would write about it signed with "Genius Ludigel".

Edit: I wanted to make a note for myself, kind of advice for next life: "don't ignore the clever girls with thick glasses and pigtails, marry them", but then I remembered that my wife often wears a pigtail, has glasses and an IQ of 148 (when tested at school). So I guess I already understood...

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