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Mittwoch, Februar 27, 2008

Please deport me!

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I dunno, after returning from my German vacation to "The Rock" (also known as Taiwan) it's getting exceedingly difficult to cope with a fifth year on the Tofu island. Will this avatar help to get me deported?

OK, they said one is not supposed to show funny pictures of oneself, if one ever wants to find a job again, because the HR guys are surfing through the Internet. Well Mr. HR-man, then YOU spend 4 years on the rock in Asia and then tell me! Here.... take the green tea... I have enough...


Stefan hat gesagt…

One possibility would have been to commit a crime in Germany while you were there, then Taiwan could have extradited you.

Unfortunately there is not extradition treaty though (due to Taiwan not being a country...), so you'd still be out of luck.

Still, if it helps: I'm also married to a beautiful Taiwanese dragon girl, and we live here in Germany. I'm envious, I wish I could live in Taiwan... There don't seem to be many opportunities for frontend chip design though.

Bob Honest hat gesagt…

Yes, I guess we are rather close to the back end of the chip here in Taiwan :-)